Specialty Coatings

We have over twenty-five years of experience in applying specialty coatings to both small and large items. Our team works diligently to ensure all custom requirements are met. We can handle potable water (NSF) and sewage pump linings as well as finish coatings. We regularly work with 3M Scotchkote, Tnemec, Amercoat, and many other commercial-grade wet-applied and fusion-bonded coatings.

We have 30 years of experience in pump and pipe coatings. This cutaway from one of our customers demonstrates both interior protective finishes as well as Tnemec exterior coating. We offer coatings to meet a wide variety of manufacturer and municipality specifications.

The application of these finishes is available for component parts as well as completed pump units of all sizes. Our 14 foot tall paint booth allows us plenty of room to spray beautiful epoxy finishes on verticle and horizontal units alike.

This spool features powder coat on both the interior and exterior. 3M Scotchkote provides an abrasion resistant and sanitary interior surface in fire-pump and potable water-pump applications. The exterior is coated with a UV-stable RAL series powder coat to prevent outside contamination from damaging the pipe.
Submersible pumps require very special treatment with regards to their finish coatings since they are submerged in their working fluid. This cutaway has a simple lining and a Coal Tar Epoxy on the exterior.

Chesterton ARC and Belzona Products have been designed for the ultimate in longevity and durability. As one of Chesterton's only certified applicators in Illinois, we proudly apply these great products for pump manufacturers and remanufacturers all over the region.