Studio Chrome, Inc.


Studio Chrome creates a beautiful mirror-like finish that can be applied to virtually any surface. Anything from traditional silver chrome finishes to amazing candy finishes - you can chrome it all! Spray on chrome is a cleaner, faster, less expensive and far more environmentally friendly substitute and replacement for traditional hard/decorative chrome.

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The advantages of StudioKrome compared to traditional chrome can be:
Less expensive: Chrome shops are closing every day. EPA regulations are raising costs and making it hard to accomplish a quality chrome finish. Instead of shipping your parts to one of the surviving chrome shops, get a chrome finish right here in the suburbs!

Faster turn around time: The average turn around time for traditional chrome can be months, we typically complete orders in less than 2 weeks.

No pitting, rusting or oxidation: Unlike traditional chrome, spray on chrome is a layer of pure silver which is hermedically sealed between two or more layers of urethane protective coating.

Unlike traditional chroming that is limited to only metal, spray on chrome can be used on virtually any substrate and works equally well on metal, fiberglass, plastic, wood, composites, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, carbon fiber, concrete and much more.